Watch "JESUS" video clips

Just hover over clip image to see name of clip. To see a different clip, use arrows on the left or right on screen. Or just click the word YouTube on right bottom That will take you to new YouTube tab with the Play List. Save that new tab  page for future use. Just scroll down the playlist on the right side with your finger to go to a Jesus clip you want to check out….Use full screen for the big picture.

This is a link to

The Church of Jesus Christ of LATTER-DAY SAINTS. The "Gospel Media" also has listing of their Church topics. For anyone that wants to be more informed about their beliefs. Their Jesus video clips on display on the page are real short, only around a couple of minutes long. Your attention span on the video clip is cut off before you know it.

The Jesus clips on YouTube are longer in minutes.

I am very grateful that The Church of LATTER-DAY SAINTS have their "Jesus Christ Video Library" on YouTube.

 And I know I speak for many Thankful People.

Link Below