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Approximately 2 years ago, I searched the Scriptures of the King James Bible for the whereabouts of the Ten Tribes and found unrebutted proof to me, that the Israelis that were taken away by King of Assyria became Russians.


I'll share that proof from the Scriptures with you at a later date. When I have the time, thus the Spirit of GOD moves me to do so. I have this so called day job I go to in order to pay my monthly bills, and the job quenches that Good Spirit out of me on a daily bases.


Somebody needs to tell President Vladimir Putin who he and his people are, and advice him to look at them with a more caring Mind Set. That is their well being, especially the so called peasants. Your peasants are the simple minded ones. I do relate to them for i am a simple minded man.

the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel

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"Russia the Father Land" will Glory greater like never before because of their Orthodox [consevrative] GOD that they now acknowledge with Worship to Him….  Amen to that.

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