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I wanted to give you a timeline that some of you future "Abraham", will find yourselves on.  And there's going to be a lot of Abrahams reaching the age of !00 years old with me.  No stranger to you will know you are a 100 years old, or older.  

"Some Thirtyfold, some Sixyfold, Some a Hundredfold     page 2
To make it easier to explain this topic, I will use my own time line as a reference.
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AGE   30                                           60                     70      at 100 years old, ENDS

Into    captivity    for    70   years ----->>>>

                     30                                             60                    70                                       100                                                                         

                  1984                                          2014                2024                                    2054


"40th  Year"

Judgment  Year 

I calculated, and started using Moses' same HEBREW Lunar Calendar,

2-weeks after breaking down in tears, when I received Jesus Christ into my heart. It was March/April of 1984.

Psa 90:12 So teach [us] to number our days, that we may apply [our] hearts unto wisdom. 

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