So  you  Want  to start  a  Revolution

“A woman is a socialist, who brings revolution and change in the family.”

                                      ― Rashid Jorvee

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Use FULL Screen and turn the volume up a bit to feel the impact of the "I want YOU to panic" rhetoric of the scrip Greta is reading.....

The wealthy elites don't have any tolerance for being told "I Want You To Panic" ...................

"We have come here to let you know, whether you like it, or not,  the Real Power Belongs to the People." 

Her words don't carry much weight now, because of her age.  And when she grows up (matures), her parents need to be afraid for their daughter, because if the Swedish Wealthy Elites are anything like some of the U.S.A. wealth elites connected to the Political Correct arena, Greta could be pushing her luck to far, off the cliff.  

What I mean by that, in the U.S.A., there's a history of "Potential Trouble Makers" to the Political Correct becoming "Suicide Statistics" of no choice of themselves.

The eyes of Greta's parents need to be open to  this Godless behavior of self preservation by some of the wealthy.

Greta's melodramatic "Threat" to who it may concern needs to be down tuned in the future to avoid repercussions by whosoever it will concern. 

The Wealthy Elites have NO desire to give up their hard earned/inherited wealth to the "Justice Climate Change Activists", and share what Wealth is left over with the lesser privileged. 

"Equality" In a democracy? Were we all born into a equal status of livelihood? The Utopia minded Socialist running for Political Office answers "yes".

The "GODMan" Jesus Christ once said:

 "For you have the poor with you always", and whenever you wish you may do them good; ______. Mark 14:7


The End of the World Coming?

Yes it is, ………….

and this generation won't see it happen.

It will happen at the Creator GOD's Appointed Time.

 and Climate Change will have nothing to do with the End of the World.