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Trans-Gender surgery
4-Year-Old Approved For Sex Change, Gender Reassignment Operation To Be Conducted In Australia

September 4, 2016

Not too long ago, I came across some really sad News about Australia going through Biblical Apocalyptic Proportions  with 5 years of severe drought. Causing Horses way out back, to die of thirst because their water ponds dried out. Followed by horrific flooding that drowned 500,000 drought stressed Cattle. 

First thing that crosses my mind, was why was Australia being punished by a Judgmental Creator GOD So I started looking for Australia News on the Internet.

And there it was on the Internet.  Making "BIG HEADLINE NEWS" for the World to see.

As if the doctors were pioneering through uncharted waters of "Darkness." 

Creator GOD had to have Mercy on the extremily weak cattle, by having a flash flood come down on them the way it did.

In Noah's Days, it rained 40 day an 40 nights flash floodlike......That did cross my mind.     

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