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  A.F.M.   Possible Link to LGBT p-2

Infectious Diseases Specialist Mark Rupp MD says he does not know the cause of Acute Flaccid Myelitis,  and there isn't a known cure for it. In some of the AFM videos, I seen Habituation exercise therapy being done on the specific weak limb/s. He said that there was a respiratory virus that started the sickness off, and it was contagious to some degree.

The Specialist and his Associate M.D. also said that the peak infection period to start to get sick with the disease A.F.M. was in late August thru September.


My below Comment should be taken with a Grain of Salt: I am Theorizing knowing I'm not far off the answer.

I'm not positive, but Aug. thru Sept. is about the time School starts for the little ones, in which the little ones would be in contact with others. These little children are venerable to others, therefore for one reason or otherwise the disease serves as a deterrent for their own benefit for the time being. 

 My theorizing inforces my belief that there is a possible connection, link, association between 

the "LGBT Agenda Movement" and the little children of about that young age of 4, or 5  years old,  becoming victims of  

                         Acute Flaccid Myelitis.

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