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PARADISE Destroyed the TRUTH page- 2

Hebrew # 6223

Name: ashiyr


Rich,  Wealthy,  rich man

Hebrew # 6224

Word name: 10th

Means:  tenth moment

In my search, I use "10th anniversary"

                      2008 ----- 2018

2008:  First recorded Wild Fire  at Paradise, Ca. happened in the year 2008.

2008:  The Big Financial Crisis:

The subprime mortgage crisis ---> Housing Bubble

 ----> to the present  2018 (NOW): California Homeless Poor People Crisis

Hebrew # 6225

Word name:  ashan


Means: to be angry,    SMOKE,

to fume'

Be wroth, note: as in "Wrath of GOD"

be furious, note:  As in speed of flames

the Hebrew Concordance is in numeral order..

Is the definition of the Hebrew  Numbers #, supposed to be prophetic, in their numerical order.

forecasting to real time events as the Burning down of Paradise, and was GOD's WRATH unleashed out to California's Wealthy, no fault of theirs. Because California Politicians are oblivious to the Homeless Crisis, as they step over the sleeping person on the sidewalk.

This is "A Wake Up Call." The Wrath of a "Living GOD" can be very overwhelming, to an individual as myself, or to a People..

H# 6223 - H# 6224 - H# 6225

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