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November 7th, 2018 was a

 Rapture Day: "Judgment Day"  

I didn't know it.

 And I don't clam to know all the dates of GOD's Rapture Days.

I wish I did know them to avoid being caught off guard and have to endure a chastisement. Which I did have to endure starting Nov 7th,  for 3 1/2 days.

Nov 7th was a High Day, it just didn't cross my mind that it could be a

       Rapture Day (Judgment Day)

 So what happen during this Rapture Time throughout the Worldly World?

GOD only knows. 

I live in California, that’s why I bring California to your attention. 

In Liberal California, besides other Southern California wild fires,


a City by the name "Paradise" was completely destroyed by flames, on Nov.8th. Some people that tried to escape the flames were trapped in their cars and died as their cars were in gulped by the flames.

The speed of the flame movement was comparable to going the length of a football field within a few minutes.

PARADISE  destroyed

Those simple minded college educated Liberals can blame it on "Climate Change" all they want. As a "Conservative Creator GOD" chastises them all he wants with his "Judgment Chastisement Rapture"

in these "Last Days of Extreme Liberalism"

It only grieves me to know those innocent of Extreme Liberalism are victims of the flames.


There's  "NO HOPE",  

the Extreme Liberals will not make the effort to "FEAR GOD"

Please don't misunderstand me.

There's a difference between Civil Liberalism and Extreme Liberalism which leads to the

       "Wilderness where there is No Way"

I believe Civil Liberalism is needed to be part of the Government for checks and balances when needed.

I'll get a page up on Extreme Liberalism. to Explain.

November 10, 2018, 8:20 pm

A few minutes ago, it crossed my mind as to why GOD was "Executing Judgment" against California, with so many out of control wild fires without an end too.

I was working on the Paradise page a little while earlier.

Strong's Hebrew Concordance #s

Reveal the Prophcy of the Flames of Paradise in 3 step number order, Please go to Paradise Destruction Truth pages 1& 2 


Is this a fabrication of thought?

or is it a Revelation of "Truth"

I'll just say for now,

I'm the same guy that put up the "Resume Pages" 1,2,& 3  "Trouble Shooter" 

I'll do a little research on the subject and get you the page "Wild Fire Truth" up tomorrow.

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