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Will GOD punish U.S.A. with a                  Socialist Takeover

GOD punishes extreme Liberalism by letting the Liberals do it their way.

The Raping of Liberal Europe is the

                            Ultimate  perfect example.

A Conservative Living GOD has been punishing  Liberal Europe,

 by the Raping of Europe, and continuing Raping of Europe, by invading Islamic migrants,

   and most of the males of the migrants from Third World Countries seem to have an agenda to come for a better life, $$$, and to rape women, and end up beating them also.

 Because Liberal Europe crossed over the line into extreme perversion, and by

"Sexualizing the Little Children" in the Grammar Schooling     "To get acquainted with their sexuality." 

Will the little children be able to control those little urges that will probably be prematurely  activated?

The older pedophiles will help them in that department.

 Many of these kids disappear and become "Humane Trafficking Victims", There is "Children Sex Markets"

for Sexually Out of Control Wealthy Pedophiles. There's News about it on Internet Search.  "YouTube News"  doesn't go into the details of it. YouTube News is where I heard about Europe "Sexualizing the Little Children" in their grammar schools. 

I don't know what the children in the United States are being taught in our grammar schools, I'm not a parent.  Only that "Drag Queens" in some of our public libraries  are asking very young children

"Who wants to be a Drag Queen when they grow up? And all the little children raise their hand, because they are being coached to do so by the "LGBT" members raising their hand in the frontal view of the little children.

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