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Remember that ‘Christianity Today’ is Backed by George Soros

"Christianity Today Magazine"

I didn't know who Mark Galli was until his Christianity Today's editorial on Pres. Trump came out.

A first impresssion of Mr. Mark Galli strikes me as a mild manner, nice guy, a go along to get along  editor/shepherd of those that follow him.

He's not the type that would Rock the Boat (Christian Evangelical  Arena), unless possibly, the "Tempter Moved In On Him" or his C.E.O and tempted him to "Play for Pay"......especially when You take under consideration the Timing of the "SMEARING of President Trump" Editorial.

How George Soros rents Evangelicals to Confuse Voters <--Link


George Soros is Trying to Hijack Christian Churches


The fact that Mark Galli wants to Condemn President Trump on Hearsay, and Assumption to have committed a Crime, before even being tried, Makes Me Marvel, because the Spirit of Truth, which is the same Holy Spirit  enhances the Ability to See Truth and therefore his inability to see Truth, or not be Truthful for partisan reasons, tells me that he is "Very Liberal Minded", even more so then his claim to being a Centralist (moderate) Christian.

In a Court of LAW. A accused Individual Will Not be Condemned on Evidence based on Hearsay, and/or Assumption to have Committed a Crime...


.Mark Galli doesn't question President Trump's Loyalty to the Creator of the 10 Commandments

He Condemns President Trump for not being Loyal to the Creator of the 10 Commandments.

Has the Bar been Raised to Believers of Jesus Christ to be Loyal to the 10 Commandments also?

James 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one [point], he is guilty of all.

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