Behold I Come Quickly: WRATH of the Creator, Righteous, Just, Holy GOD

I Commented (below) on a YouTube Video early this morning and it was Deleted 

WHY the "WRATH" of a Creator GOD is the Priority Issue ....Climate Change    "IS NOT" a Priority Issue.  Australia is being punished by-way-of the recent  Flash-Flood drowning of 500,000 Cattle, Severely Weaken by the  Drought.  Creator GOD  had Mercy on the Cattle by putting an end to their  misery with  the Flash Flood. "Drought", and Fires like in California continue to plague  "Australia Down   Yonder". The Aussies "Crossed-the-Line"  by "Playing  God" and starting Child Abuse Practice by performing surgery on a 4 year old  child to do a TransSexual operation.   By the way, California started to Burn  Down in 2018, by the Burning down of a Wealthy Paradise, Ca.  It was the  10th  Anniversary (2008) of the Financial-Real-Estate "Bubble Burst", which  caused  many people to lose their jobs and with their families to become       Homeless. The evidence of the Homeless Crises created by the Financial Bubble  Burst in 2008 is still very evident throughout the Nation, especially in  California. The  illegal  Immigrant invasion  into our Nation was Never a  Noticeable Crises  to be Seen Anywhere, "So They Say".  And Now the Well  Being Status of These  Same immigrants is Prioritized over our Homeless U.S. Citizens. They say California is Leading the way by Example.  I'm not sure  what that means. If that  means All Eyes are on California, then surly our  Creator GOD will use  California to show-case his "WRATH to Come on the Nations".  Check Out the  recent "Lightning Strike" in Texas video  --------->

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