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Important Check the DATE below
"Watch Time" will change, check in.

I extremely advice YOU to use my WATCH Hour Times for a Reference.

I'm saving you the Math Work.

Just subtract or add the Time Zone Hour differences, if different then Pacific Time Zone.

I will change my Times about every week or so.  And put it on  for your sake.

Do your own Watch Hour start time for a certain "Date."  Just remember the Watch Hour starts aprox 30 min. before the listed Sun Rise time, or  Sun Down time,  Solar Noon time

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Remember Jacob's Ladder.

My Watch/Prayer Hours will only be off by a few minutes after a couple of weeks.

Don't wait for more than a month to change your Watch times,

or you will lose Premium Prayer Minutes. 

Job 34:20 In a moment shall they die, and the people shall be troubled at midnight,--> and pass away: and the mighty shall be taken away without hand.

Read the link below

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LINK ---> do your own city, state, or country. there's other good  sunrise/time zone links on internet if you want to check your Sunrise, see how it matches up. I going to read up on twilight times.     

1 hour set back at 2am, some States don't do that for D.S.T. 

You know the Watch/Prayer hours.

 You got a bad habit or 2, don't do it on the Watch Hour times. That’s what the Watch Hours are all about: to overcome those bad habits.

I know, that’s easier said than done, but at the very least, You can keep your Bad Habits from escalating further out of control,

As of January 29th,  2019 Tuesday, Pacific Time Zone

These are my Watch Times

                    Daylight Saving Time ended  Nov. 03. 19   

Prep        start --->

3:15 am    3:44 to  4:45 am

6:40         7:10 to  8:10   (Sun Rise Watch time)

9:15 am     9:44 to 10:45 

11:45       12:17 to 1:20 pm (High Noon Watch time)

2:25 pm     2:54 to 4:00 pm

  4:55     5:24 to 6:30  Evening  (Sun Down Watch time)

8:20 pm     8:50  to  9:55pm  (Beneficial SLEEP Time)

11:45 pm   12:17  to 1:20 AM Midnight (Judgment Hour)

The more Sincere  Energy you put into Reaping from the Prayer Hour, "MORE POWER TO YOU",

The WATCH Hours are to be referred to 24/7 every day, 8 times a day

       Night, Twilight, and Daylight Times in Modesto Today


          WORKING ON THIS   



12 am    2 am     4 am   6 am   8 am    10 am     12 pm     2 pm     4 pm       6 pm     8 pm      10 pm

Caution:  Check the "Beneficial Sleep Time" supplementary page for

"How To Go  About It, IF YOU want to make the effort to be more diligent." YOU can expect to Reap a "Blessing" for doing so.



If  a Military Medic out in the War Zone getting ready to perform Surgery on a Bloody War Victim,

or the Most Highly Skilled Medical Surgeon to  perform surgery,

He would want to do the surgery on 

the Lord's  "Watch Hour"

if possible,  to insure the best success possible.

It doesn't matter What religion you belong to. Are you a righteous person ? That's all the requirement. You say you're trying to be a righteous me.

It's all about the effort.