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This commentary is from a Comment I posted a few days ago.

"The WRATH of GOD has been poured On Us", beginning with the Weaponizing of Coronavirus.

GOD being a "Jealousy GOD," angry that we worship Earthly Idols, and the "Works of our Hands...$$$$$$". tells the Second Angel to pour out the Second Vile upon the Earth, containing "Wrath Substance" that Weaponizes the Earthly Coronavirus to go Global.......And it is very evident that there is more WRATH to COME.... .George Floyd Incident:.. Because of the way the "Personal Drama" of years ago, unravels out between Police Officer Derek Chauvin and George Floyd, causing the Officer to cause the Death of Floyd by leaving his knee on Floyd for an unnecessary extended amount of time. I Truly Believe the WRATH of GOD was on the Police Officer... And if that was the case, that is substantial amount of Evidence to prove it was Not Murder. There are those of us who have a Anger Problem.... When we get angered by what ever reason, it causes us to go into a mild state of Confusion, with angry Tunnel Vision. Anger is a emotion. I am not saying Derek Chauvin has a "Anger Management Problem". And the People he works with will testify to that. What i am saying is Derek was annoyed with Floyd after recalling a incident concerning the two of them many years ago. Is there anybody that doesn't get annoyed with whoever, something, life from time to time? Annoyance is not getting angry, and yet it is the little spark if agitated enough can lead to you becoming angry about something. The WRATH of GOD which has been poured on the Earth, and was on Derek to some degree...not enough to weaponize his annoyance to a angry stage of emotion..... only enough to cause a "Mild State of Confusion" causing Derek to not focus on Safety Protocol, not even to recognize the amount of time his knee was on Floyd's neck. Indeed the WRATH of GOD is upon us. The RAGE on the Faces of Protesters, Public Property DESTROYERS, and the LOOTERS is EVIDENCE of that.. Anger- 'Wrath is a emotion Entity on a individual...On a Hostel Group of Individuals, that Emotion Entity becomes a "Wind" .SO..YOU Democratic Civil Leaders, Legislators think it's a GREAT TIME TO GET RID OF "LAW and ORDER" [Police]..Hey! IF YOU don't mind paying EXTORTIAN...One Way or another, It's YOUR Call. The Lord Jesus Christ put ME on his Personal Anger Management Program many years ago. I NO Longer have that Problem. Mild Manner People don't have a problem with the WRATH of GOD...That's What They Will Tell You. If YOU are the type of person that doesn't get annoyed easily.... Here's a simple test to find out if the WRATH of GOD is on YOU to some degree..... Question: The Little Things of Life at your Home. Do You have a pet or two, and you don't get annoyed with them because You Love Your Pets....Question: As of Lately, do You see Yourself scolding Your Pet, because it's trying to tell You "It's Hungary, or what ever reason? How about Your Kid/s?

WRATH of GOD has been poured upon Us, and it's not going to letup 

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