The Judgmental GOD knows everything before it happens.

That’s why it was "His Will" to Elect Mr. Trump

to the Office of President of the United States.  Why? President Trump, without knowing it, needed to build up the Economy to it's greatest Hight, GDP was doing real good, Jobless rate was real low, and so on, and that's how the Economy was when the Virus Pandemic started, and has been able to take the Financial Pounding (Stimulus Spending) so far. 

If President Trump wasn't in charge, the Democrats' would have been pressured by the Radical Left and the BLM-Marxist Riotous Mob to do away with the "Rule of Law".  


NOW the Question is?  Does the "Just GOD" want to releive President Trump of his Patriatic Conservative Duties? In order for the "WRATH of GOD" induced Radical Left and Unruly BLM-Marxists to continue to Burn Down what was USA by Rioting and looting--> Why ?......... "the Pandemic IS NOT Going Away", anytime soon---> At GOD's Appointed Time.

Have YOU noticed how the Pandemic Virus does not harm the children?   GOD does not have a controversy with the little children.  


The common earthtly Coronavirus was Supernaturally Weaponized to go globally by what was in the 2nd vial that the Angel poured out onto the Earth ( Rev 16:3) 

 I, Myself, am Hoping to have President Trump around for another 4 years.....  If we get a stroke of Good Luck from HEAVEN above....

  In WRATH show Mercy, Lord JUST GOD. 

In WRATH show Mercy,  O'Lord  GOD

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