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Posted April 5, 2020

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PENTECOST Day April 7, Tuesday,


    "HOLY GOD's" Holy Mighty Wind   

Arrival according to Peter is DURING the 3rd hour (solar) of the DAY.

And is the 2nd WATCH/PRAYER Hour, of the DAY.

Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard [it], he saith unto them,

They that are whole [not sick] have no need of

the physician, but they that are sick:

I came not to call the righteous,

but sinners to repentance.

NOW, there are those of you that have "Hope"  

Jesus Christ is of the Linage of King David and

Jesus is referred to as the "Son of David" therefore 

Cry Out for "MERCY" to the Lord GOD, like David did... and "Your Healing WILL Come To Be"                  

And there are those of you that Believe to "Call on The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ" to be Healed.

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