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Controversial ANTI-Christ Pope Francis p-1

Greetings, Edited Comment of Bible Prophecy Videos, October, 2020


Pope Francis is definitely The "Anti-Christ" He made it clear that Jesus Christ has nothing to do with his New One World Religion.

GOD brought the Pope's One World Religion agenda to a Lame Dead Holt, with the Pandemic Corona-Virus.

Before that.......  Pope Francis partnered with

Bishop Tony Palmer and Kenneth Copeland to

Unite ALL Christians to become Catholics: 


Shortly after that Statement was made;

That "WE ARE ALL CATHOLICS NOW;" That agenda was QUICKLY brought to a Lame DEAD Holt, when the Pope’s friend Bishop Tony Palmer, was killed in a motorcycle crash.


I mean NO Disrespect to the Existence of the Catholic Church to Strive (Endure) to Exist TOO NOT lose it's Holy SOUL (Reputation)--->

by Way of it's GATES being trampled on and  becoming the GATES of Hell. -->

Matthew 16:18  And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this ROCK I will build MY Church; and the Gates of Hell shall Not Prevail against it.


I mean NO Disrespect Again, but if the Catholic Church is the Church built on Peter the ROCK (Foundation) ?..... Your GATES HAVE BEEN Trampled on

and are NOW Like any other Church that has had it's GATES Trampled on by Hell

and NOW You have the GATES of HELL INSIDE  YOUR Church WALLs. 


Pope Francis IS NO PROPHET....He does Not Prophesize, therefore is NOT the FALSE PROPHET spoken of in Revelation........ He is the Controversial ANTI-CHRIST.


It sounds too Humorous to Believe:

The NEW One World Religion is going to be led into the future by "the ANTI-CHRIST".  

BLESSET Be ALL in the Name of OUR Lord Jesus Christ.

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"ANTI-CHRIST Pope" is against Christian President Trump
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