Solar WATCH Hours will be Evangelized at JEHOVAH GOD's Appointed YEAR ---> "2024" during WRATHFUL TIMEs of End Days.                                                MERCY does Endure.

My Simple Minded Knowledge/Understanding of the Solar WATCH/Pray/temptation Hours comes from reading/searching the Holy Scriptures, according to The Apostle Paul's Teachings (the Way), and the teachings of his Apostle Brothers of the New Testaments, and what ever i found in the Old Testament, and at a moment's time notice, my curiosity does look for secular confirmation, wherever it exists. 

You think to yourself "He did not mention the Lord Jesus Christ.".....I do know this, as i grow in the Spirit (by that Measured Amount),  I FEAR the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ, even more so then I did yesterdays.

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