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China Front Page News.

From deleted "YouTube"  video  transcript ----->

0:03  what I actually think happened is that

0:06  there was a Zionist Jewish American

0:10  Harvard University plot to put a level-4

0:15  biowarfare facility in Wuhan and then

0:19  use that as the ostensible foundation

0:22  for actually unleashing the virus by

0:25  other means in other words it didn't

0:26  escape from the factory or from the

0:29  the level 4 facility unleash the virus

0:32  and in fact try to start a war between

0:34  China in the United States what the


5:12  rogue elements, the Jewish professor at

5:16  Harvard is key this guy betrayed the

5:20  United States of America took 1.5

5:22  million dollars and created a level-4

5:25  bio warfare facility in Wuhan

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There's insider Information that the "Man Made Coronavirus" 
was intentionally planted in a specific area to intentionally 
make it look like China is irresponsibly at Fault for the Deaths
of so many of China's Citizens, and those innocent victims of other Nations.
It was a Smearing Campaign against China by an Adversary.
Posted 2-16-2020

Noah's third Son  JAPHETH was given China territory with Boundaries

to  Him and his seed.

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