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Corvid19 "Quick Result" Little Testing Kits coming sooner than later, to Kick Start USA Economy. posted Nov. 26, 2020  GJ

Preliminary Talks to began Manufacturing, will quickly Commence. 


Economy Related MAIN Reason: To Use "Quick Test Kit" on a individual, just before going into a Work Place.

To "get Virus Quick Test result" within one minute or less time, to know if that person is infected or NOT with the Virus before attempting to enter Work Place or any other premises; School building, Stores, Churches, Synagogue, Funeral Services, and so on.....


if "Karen" gets "peskily Annoying" aiming her hand held Virus Tester at anybody, and everybody.... I don't know what to tell You. 


More Commentary Coming

I can only say that the "Preliminary Talks" is the only thing that hasn't Commence...At this time Nov 30, 2020.
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