Daisy  Uncovers AOC's perception of "Socialist   Justice" Ideology which can never become  reality in the USA.  

 It's first major hurdle will be $$$ Corruption at     the top levels of a GODless Socialist Regime,   

 which can only bring it's Socialist Justice 

 Makeover pace to a crawl,

 before it comes to a lame halt. 

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Yesterdays Issuses, TODAY

What is ludicrous

is Not Believing in a Judgmental Creator GOD, Who does

As HE pleases with the Weather.


And what is disturbing is

  Christians of Today  having a NO Conscious Awareness of

 a Judgmental Creator GOD ----> DOES "Jacob's Troubles"

Follow The "JACOB MINDSET" (he or she) Around

for.....No Reason at All ?