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do Your Own "Time Zone" Watch Hours

As of November 2, 2020 Monday, Eastern Time Zone

These are President Trump's Watch Times


                                      Prep------start-->    end

3rd WATCH Hour of Night 11:20 am     11:51   to      1:00 AM Midnight (Judgment Hour)


4th WATCH Hour of Night  2:44 am     3:14 AM    to    4:15 AM      


1st WATCH Hour of Day    6:05 am      6:37   to     7:40 am  (Sun Rise Watch time)

2nd WATCH Hour of Day   8:44 am      9:14  to     10:15 


3rd WATCH Hour of Day    11:20 pm       11:51 to    1:00 pm (High Noon Watch time)

4th WATCH Hour of Day   1:55 pm         2:28  to   3:30 pm


1st WATCH Hour of Night  4:30 pm        5:05 to   6:10  Evening  (Sun Down Watch time)  

2nd WATCH Hour of Night97:55 pm       8:28  to   9:30 pm   (Beneficial SLEEP Time)



(Advice) if permittable, start sleep time just after Sundown Watch Hour ends, and


"Wake-Up"(with alarm clock) before Midnight Prep-time starts.

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