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The original Coronavirus first strain--->Man Made (bio Engineered) or distracted from Mammal carrier, becomes Lively in the Solar Sea with the potency of "Catching a Cold or flu (in the Sea).

The "effectual working of the Virus is in the Solar Sea  period of time of 1 Hour, and because of the continual  Effectual working of the Virus, the virus wants to creep out (expand) out of the 1 Hour Time Frame 

                                                 <-- 1 hour ------->  This is where Creator GOD in Psalms says He controls the limitation of the expansion of the Sea, same as he does the waters of the Ocean.

At GOD's appointed time, the 2nd Angel pours out (completely) the Substance of the Vile. The Substance in combination with the Sea, causes the Effectualness of the Virus to be impowered beyond it's housing ability to contain the potency there of, therefore mutating into 2 strains. The new strain housing the new greater power to do it's existence purpose.


If the latest New Strain mutates and splits into 2 Strains.  It is because it's new strain was created by mutation to House the Greater Potency that just came into existence. What was in the Vile that was just poured out by the 2nd Angel works like a "Contact Time Cold Relief Capsule"

By keeping the "Effectual Working" of all the New Strains under isolated surveillance by microscope, strip testing, etc., you experts will be able to see the time releasing of the "Substances of the Vile" in action, and be able to respond accordingly. 

Dead Man's Blood

posted 3-30-2020

 I haven't seen this Time Line.

There's a Time-Line that shows the beginning stages of the Coronavirus infection and a Minimum amount of Deaths (compared to the greater Spikes, thereafter) caused by the infection of that First Original Virus Strain (man made or mammal  distracted).

And a dated period of time when you see a Spike in Death, a Greater Spike thereafter.

 After the Minimum Number of deaths…  I know,

I know, there are those that will say "Even One Death is to much".

 the 1st Spike in increased infected deaths, was brought force by the Increased Potency of the Virus, triggered by the "Substance" of the poured out Vile unto the Solar Sea, therefore, "Weaponizing the Original first Virus Strand by mutating to split to House the New more powerful substance of the new strand. 


This "Time Line" of when the Weaponizing of the Virus by the Pouring of the Substance of the Vile unto the Solar Sea…. IS Evidence Enough showing that in the Early Stages of the Virus Infection Stages,


President Trump and the other Global Leaders had no clue to suspect that in the beginning stages, this was going to be more then a local event in down town Wuhan, China.

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