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New York Pentecost time Sample

New York, NY  U.S.A   Solar Time  <----EXAMPLE-->               

  April 7, 2020 Tuesday 9:43 am (2nd WATCH) ,(Prayer Hour) q=solar+sunrise+time+calendar+today&form=PRDLC1&src=IE11TR&pc=EUPP_DCTE      The simple Calculation Below will only show 3 solar WATCH Hours and You can use the same method to know the other WATCH/Prayer Hours.

Split total time between Sundown and SunUp time, gets You Solar Midnight.

There's 1,2 other ways to get those Solar times which i'll will bring up later when time permits. There's other Big Issues to attend too.                                        USE--> "Search for city's Sunrise and Sunset" MAIN Search with (search symbol),  to take you to "Result of Search (cities,etc.) page.  That will take You to Sunrise Calendar page.  A Roll down Menu Listed Name might take you to "Time and Dates" or somewhere else, Just go back and click different listing name. The Solar calculation is done by way of "Time Zone" therefore you don't need to be Exact with specific target (city).  With cursor click date 7th (to check Sunrise, etc.) Opens up big font Numbers  for that date.

                        ( High Noon )       (Sun Set)

Rise                   median                 set

6:29  am        12:57  pm           7:27  pm               


Do a little Math   6:29 to  12:29 = 6: ,    57 min - 29 min = 28 min                      

 6 hr + 28 min = 6:28 divided by 2 = 3:14 splits Sunrise time and  High Noon time        


Sunrise Time: 6:29 +  3:14 = 9:43 am (2nd WATCH) ,(Prayer Hour), (Solar SEA Hour) of the Day. The Holy Wind made it's presence known to the Disciples at the Second Prayer (WATCH) Hour of Pentecost DAY. 

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