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BAD Times Ahead --> SomeBody Loan Me A Dime                                          Posted Nov. 13, 2020 GJ

Thousands of Cars Lined up at Texas Food Banks


The  priority purpose of the "Stimulus Checks" is to keep the Suffrage of Our People and their Children to a small minimum as possible.

The Suffrage caused by the VIRUS Pandemic, and the Closing Down of Our Economy  Can somebody ask Madame Pelosi if the Stimulus Checks are in the Mail Yet....... Did I say Mail?  perhaps that's the problem. 


I perceive the Democrat Leaders are taking direct  Orders from "The One World Order" to keep the Capitalist Economy closed down as much as possible to bring USA prosperity to Nothing.


Our Capitalist Economy is being attacked on three Fronts, on one Flank is "The One World Order" working Covertly with the Delusioned Democratic Civil leaders, and on the other Flank is MARXIST'BLM, destined to Burn Down Our Country, and Frontal Attack by Virus Pandemic, Wave after Wave, after Wave.


The Virus Pandemic was not Weaponize by mortal man..... A Common Earthly Virus was Weaponized by Creator GOD, by what was in that 2nd vial. 

Be extremely Careful with your Mortal made "Super Vaccines". The Spectrum effect: It's increasing in Power,  goes outward away from it's initial beginning. Your Super Vaccine has to attack the  

Virus at it's weakest existence stage of creation: Causing the Virus to mutate to keep it's Existence.... therefore becoming a "STRONGER Strain" by reason of multiplying it's members within or just becoming a stronger strain to fight the Vaccine to Exist.


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