The information on "Aullamite.Info" can curd the Catholic Sex Abuse.   There's no doubt about it.

It's very evident the Catholic Churches' Hierarchy can't be trusted to police themselves in these sexual matters.

Besides the Catholic Church is too big.

 A third party of people of  unquestionable integrity, considered "Untouchable," and "Untouchable" means they can't be bribed or bought, 

                     And that means  "INCORRUPTABLE" 

Should monitor The Watch/Prayer Hour activity

of the Catholic Priests accused of sexual misconduct.

The public knowing about the monitoring of the Priest's Healing process without the publics probing eyes will only calm down the public.

The public's stern indication seeking retribution  against the Catholic Church would be at a later time somewhat passepied. Time does heal and fades the memory.

Because the Church is so big, the monitors should ask all the Catholic priests of every nation "if they recently had or are having a Sexual abusing problem, using a polygraph [lie detector] on the priests.

The reason of every nation, is because the priest are moved around for whatever reason. Their statements should be kept confidential since they will volunteer to take part in the "Watch/Prayer Hour" activities  To Be Healed or to just Elevate their "Holiness Status" with their Lord GOD.

Catholic Church Sexual Misconduct

I WAS WRONG ! the CATHOLIC Church Does Not Want to be Healed. 

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FEAR Not Catholic Priest, your polygraph feedback will be kept confidential, just get going on the "WATCH Hour/Prayer" activities.