If the mixer truck I drive at work didn't start leaking hydraulic  fluid real bad Saturday at work, I wouldn't  be giving you more info on the coming Rapture,  today, the 23rd.

I would have to be at work doing what I have been doing for the last 18 years at the same work place.

I perceive the Lord Jesus Christ would rather have me working on the "Rapture Pages" today the 23rd of April.


Go to Sunrise /Sundown Websites on the internet to get times for

[sunrise] [solar noon], and  [sundown]

Midnight time is same as solar noon time (12 hours later)

You need to know your location, city, etc Don't need to know the exact location, just in your time zone is good enough.

Coming Rapture Info, p-2

          Sunrise               Sunset               Solar noon

Apr 23  6:18 am           7:46 pm                       1:02 pm

From <https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/usa/modesto>


Example for Prayer Time    Solar noon 1:02

                      12:32- 1:02 -1:32

Prayer starts a half hour before and ends a half hour after.

Prayer Hour is from 12:32 to 1:32.

If you start praying at the Websites solar noon moment of time, no biggie, you lost half an hour of the good stuff prayer time.


Remember Midnight is the same time as solar noon, 12 hours later.

We all have busy lives in these Last Days, some of us need to keep track of  time more so then others.

Jesus Christ had to charge up the POWER of the Spirit within him to Heal Others.  And he did so by getting away from everybody and Praying. 

The power of the air is of this world.

The Power of the air during GOD's Prayer Hours is not of this world, because it is being drawn from Heaven more directly  by "YOU" when you pray at these times. And you are very much more likely to get your prayers answered during these times. 

And if you pray for a longer time then that hour:  "Yea",  More POWER to You.

These 4 times of the 24 hour day are the Main Prayer Hours

Example: Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed with Brimstone and Fire at the Solar Noon Hour (high noon).

Please don't Misunderstand Me, I'm not telling you how to Pray. Those that want a more precise way to get your Prayers answered in these Last Days this is how,

and I can't think of any other way.

How did I get on the topic of prayer time? 

In order to know that "MOMENT" of

"In a Twinkle of an Eye"……the rapture.